Iran Impressions Tour

Iran Impressions Tour
  • Tour Name: Iran Impressions Tour
  • Duration: 12 Days
  • From: On Request

Day 1,: Welcome to Iran!

flight to Shiraz Arrival at night and transfer to the hotel. Three nights in Shiraz.

Day 2, Monday, 09/28/2015: Shiraz – city of poets

After a late breakfast we take on the weather: the scent of roses follow, we explore Shiraz, the city of the Persian paradise gardens (UNESCO heritage site). In the mild climate to thrive not only flower gardens and fruit, no, also the Persian poetry struck roots here. At the garden tombs of poets Hafez and Saadi are your pishgharavolan  rep taste their poetry: “Lured by the scent of roses …”  Touched we let ourselves be drawn into the hustle and bustle of the old city bazaar. In the Nasir-al-Molk Mosque, we rediscover, as the love of nature found artistic expression: floral patterns in varied hues, wherever you look.

Day 3,: The ruins of Persepolis

Persepolis – residence of the Kings, the ancient Persian cultural highlight (UNESCO heritage site). At the entrance, the door of the world, we realize the tolerance of the Persians against the faith and culture of subjugated peoples. Wherever you look here, archaeological showpieces: the Homakapitell, the reliefs of the Apadana, the 100-pillar hall. Not far away, in Nagsch-e Rustam, we visit the carved into the rock tombs of the rulers of the Persian Empire. The rest of the day you spend to your taste in Shiraz. 90 km away.

Day 4,: From Shiraz to Kerman

On the way to the east give us the ruins of Sarvestan riddles; no one knows the background of the monumental building. Barren, hostile salt lakes alternating contrast wayside with fertile orchards from. In the dry climate of the highlands grow at Neyriz the best figs Iran. Tasting complacent? In front of us the Zagros Mountains piled on, then it goes through the foothills of the central Iranian desert to Kerman. Here formerly rested the caravans on their way from the commercial centers of Persia to India. 550 km on good roads. Two nights in Kerman.

Day 5,: Rising from the Ruins

A day trip will take us to the edge of the desert Lut first to Mahan. There, the pilgrims gather in the magnificent tomb of a medieval Islamic mystic and Sufi master to prayer. Horticulture at its best we see in Prinzengarten of Mahan. After driving through the desert emerges like a mirage oasis Bam (UNESCO Heritage Site) on the horizon. An earthquake destroyed 2003 Old Town of clay, now it is being rebuilt. Here is but also tinkered on the future of the country. In a car factory we speak with a representative and find out how the emerging country Iran is trying to develop their own industries. 390 km.

Day 6,: On the road to Yazd

The morning is devoted to the old city of Kerman to the Friday Mosque and the bazaar. The colorful embroidered tablecloths made only there. In a bathhouse from the 19th century today an ethnographic museum has been established, which offers an excellent insight into the past lives of this ancient trading town. With desert view, it goes through pistachio groves and oasis villages further to Yazd. Definitely go there a taste of the famous pistachio. 390 km.

Day 7,: Yazd – City of Zoroastrians

On the Towers of Silence, the Zoroastrian earlier took off their dead. Yazd is the center of this ancient religion that worships the fire. The still active fire temple is one of the most important Zoroastrian cult buildings in the country. During a tour of the Old Town includes wind towers that once cooled the traditional mud houses, and subterranean cisterns. A highlight: the blue-tiled Friday Mosque, a masterpiece of Persian architecture. On our way to Isfahan, we see not only Wüstenkarawansereien, but also visit the Friday Mosque in Nain – one of the oldest Islamic monuments in Iran. 330 km. Three nights in Isfahan.

Day 8,: Isfahan

With its turquoise domes and majestic bridges Isfahan attracts every visitor in his spell. We count the pillars in the garden palace Chehel Sotun and wonder: The so-called 40-column palace has only 20. Why? Your guide knows the answer. From the terrace of Ali Kapu Palace, we have the best view of one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Maidan-e Imam (UNESCO heritage site). Originally planned as a polo field, enclose the space ornate arcades, shops and magnificent buildings. The architectural highlights are the colorful Lotfollah Mosque, and the monumental Emam Mosque. Christian traces we find in the Armenian Quarter, where we visit the Vank Cathedral and the Museum. Our dinner at a specialty restaurant rounds off the day.

Day 9,: Isfahan – relaxed

A quiet day awaits you. In the morning we stroll through the sprawling bazaar to the Friday Mosque of Seljuk (UNESCO Heritage Site), we stroll to the bridges that lie artfully over the often waterless city river Zayandeh. In the afternoon you can go on their own journey of discovery. Visit one of the teahouses. Here one comes in sweet tea quickly into conversation with young Persians.

Day 10,: On the road to Tehran

We left Isfahan and drive to the foothills of the central Iranian desert salt along to Kashan, where we visit the former city residence of Borudjerdi family with its impressive wind towers and domes. On the outskirts, the Fin Garden is (UNESCO Heritage), considered the classic example of a Persian paradise garden. About the foothills of the central Iranian desert, we pass the holy city of Qom, where once Ayatollah Khomeini had – the opportunity to discuss his role in the recent Iranian history. Afternoon arrival in Tehran. 390 km. Fancy a walk on your own? Go ahead! Two nights in Tehran.

Day 11,: In Tehran

Tehran – a city of contrasts in the shadow snowy four thousand; here meets modernity on tradition. After breakfast we go by bus through the capital and orientate ourselves. At the National Museum, the millennia of Persian cultural history are tangible. The Glass and Ceramics Museum is one of the jewels of the Iranian capital: housed in the splendid residence of a former prime minister of the Shah, it impresses with a sophisticated presentation of precious objects. Then we ask ourselves: How the Christian minority living in the Islamic Republic? The pastor of the Protestant community of Tehran, we meet in the afternoon, giving us information. And in the evening? If you want to take a short night in buying and a strong impression back home, then you take a taxi to Darband! In the narrow mountain valley with its tourist restaurants especially the youth meets.

Day 12,: Return flight from Tehran

In the morning return flight with to your country

your hotels
City                       Nights                       Hotel
Shiraz                       3                           Pars  **** (*)
Kerman                    2                         Pars  **** (*)
Yazd                        1                    Moshir al-Mamalek ****
Isfahan                   2                            Aseman  ****
Tehran                  2                            Laleh  **** (*)


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