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Many tourists come to the region for its cool climate (max 35 °C) during the hot summer months. The winters are bitterly cold, with temperatures plummeting to −25 °C.

Its famous natural region is the Sabalan mountains. The province is considered the coldest province in Iran by many. Large parts of the province are green and forested.

Ardabil’s capital stands about 70 km from the Caspian Sea and has an area of 18011 km². Neighbouring the Caspian Sea and the Republic of Azerbaijan, the city is of great political and economic significance. The province has been blessed with splendid natural beauty and numerous sights.

The natural features of the province of Ardabil are mentioned in the Avesta, according to which Zoroaster was born by the river Aras and wrote his book in the Sabalan Mountains. During the Islamic conquest of Iran, Ardabil was the largest city in Azarbaijan, and remained so until the Mongol invasion period.

Shah Ismail I started his campaign to nationalize Iran’s government and land from here, but consequently announced Tabriz as his capital in 1500 CE. Yet Ardabil remained an important city both politically and economically until modern times.

Source: Wikipedia

Country Iran
Languages spokenPersian,Turkish
Currency usedIranian Rial (IRR)
Area (km2)17,800 km2

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Iran Northwest tour

Iran Northwest tour

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