About us

At 5:25 a.m on December.26, 2003 a national tragedy happened. An earthquake occurred in south east of Iran and in Kerman province and with maximum intensities at Bam.

Bill Garvelink, the U.S. relief coordinator described Bam as “literally a rubble pile”.  Most of buildings flattened; several people were killed or injured and many lost their families.

The disaster was happened and many people were died; but, as Mr.Khatami, the Iranian president of that time said, “A spirit of humanity and kindness is alive.” Many Iranian, non-Iranian and international organizations such as international Committee of the Red Cross, U.N. and etc helped the victims anyway they could.

After rescue and relief operations finished, governmental works and public participations for reconstructions started. Again many non-Bam people from all around Iran and the world went to Bam.

In the meanwhile, women who lost their family or husband started to cooperate and participate in community reconstruction. Their capabilities and challenges were and are admirable. They, in spite of their vulnerability, had decided to show their sufficiency and performing different tasks.

They took care of their kids and rescued family members and at the same time did livelihood activities and tried hard to make money.

Pishgharavolan company is one of the companies that was founded in 2007 by a group of Bam‘s women who lost their relatives and husbands in the earthquake and had to support their remained family and create income for their life.

These women beside their business goals in this company, having considerable charitable activities, too and consider it as the most important activity in their system.

Till now, they have been the service provider of around 14,500 Iran travelers from around the world especially from American and European countries.

What has distinguished this company from other ones is that all staffs must pass the most up- to -date tourism courses continuously so that could be able to provide the best and most satisfactory services based on international standards for its passengers.

Pishgharavolan is also the member of Iran chamber of commerce since 2010 and also the member of Iran –German chamber of industry and commerce.

The Company’s main office is located in Bam, Kerman province, but it also has an office in Tehran to facilitate and accelerate the process of providing services for their clients.