FAM Tour “The Unknown Iran”

This Fam Tour only for product manager of Agency

Day 1 :Ahwaz

departure with Turkish airlines

Day 2: Ahwaz

arrival with Turkish Airlines TK 890 at Ahvaz 04:30, excursion to Shush (visit pre-historical mound of Susa), Chogha Zanbil (visit Zigurat temple [UNESO WORLD HERITAGE]) and Shushtar (visit historical hydraulic system [UNESO WORLD HERITAGE])

Day 3 : Kazeroon

Ahvaz – Behbehan – Bishapour (visit Sasanian archeological site and basreliefs) – Kazeroon

Day 4 : Asalouyeh

Kazeroon – Bushehr (visit historical texture and Malek Mansion) – Bandar Taheri (visit historical asanian harbour) – Asalouyeh

Day 5: Bandar Abbas

Asalouyeh – Bandar Lengeh – Bandar Abbas (visit Hindu Temple, Bazar and fishmarket)

Day 6 : Qeshm

Bandar Abbas – Hormoz (visit historical Portuguese Fort) – Qeshm (visit Chakoo valley, Stars valley and Laft harbour)

Day 7 : Qaleh Ganj

Qeshm – Qaleh Ganj

Day 8: Bam

Qaleh Ganj – Jiroft (visit pre-historical mound and museum) – Bam

Day 9 : Bam

excursion to Rayen (visit historical adobe town and citadel)- Mahan (visit Prince’s Garden [UNESO WORLD HERITAGE] and Nematollah Vali Shrine) – Kerman (visit Friday Mosque, Bazar with Ganj Ali Khan Complex)

Day 10 : Bam-Kalout

Bam (visit historical adobe town and citadel [UNESO WORLD HERITAGE]) – Kalout (magnificent desert geological creatures)

Day 11: Birjand

Kalout – Nehbandan (visit Nehbandan Castle) – Birjand (visit Akbariyeh Garden[UNESO WORLD HERITAGE])

Day 12 : Birjand

Birjand excursion to Moud (visit famous homemade carpets ) – Forg, (visit Forg Citadel)

Day 13: Tabas

Birjand – Deyhuk – Tabas (visit Golshan Garden[UNESO WORLD HERITAGE])

Day 14 : Ferdows

Tabas (visit Morteza Ali Spring and Ezminghan village)- Boshrouyeh (visit historical city center) – Ferdows

Day 15 : Mashhad

Ferdows (visit anthropological museum) – Torbat-e Heydariyeh (visit Qotboddin Heydar Shrine)- Mashhad

Day 16: Mashhad –

sightseeing Mashhad (Mausoleum of Imam Reza, Nader Shah Memorial, Mausoleum Khadjeh Rabi’, Ferdowsi Memorial, Bazar)

Day 17 : Departure

departure from Mashhad to your Country with Turkish airlines

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